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The Legend of Korra S1 E9 Review

I've been really busy, so I haven't been able to watch Korra until now. I still have family over, so I don't have time to write a full review. Instead here are the notes I took while watching the episode. They're very disorganized and random. I'll post the review for episode 10 later when I have time to watch the episode.

*hisses at Tarrlok* Evil douchebag! Although I’m still really excited by this development and Tarrlok’s incredible bloodbending abilities. It makes for interesting plot.

Aww, Meelo answering the phone. That’s just so cute.

Equalist glove? Tarrlok set this all up to blame the Equalists. Bastard! I hope Amon gets him.

Even though he’s a bastard, he’s tough for taking that electric shock. Seriously, how did he withstand that pain?  

Lin suits up in the best way!

Also, prison break! Yeah, badass Lin! She just gets better and better with each episode.

Oh Bolin, you’re so silly.

Mako’s concern for Korra is touching.

Lol, Bolin’s squeal when Lin zips his fly.

Korra can have her wise moments. She chooses to meditate instead of ineffectively bang on walls. Good girl!  

Aang! Toph! *squeals* Twinkletoes! They’re so perfect!  

We finally get Yakone’s face. He has the same slimy feel as Tarrlok.

For some reason, Aang’s voice reminds me of Batman. It’s kinda low and growly. Bat!Aang. xD These are the strange thoughts that go through my head when I watch Korra…

Tenzin’s exasperated face when Lin and the group enters.  Perfect. He has the best facial expressions.

Lin is the badass tunnel finder! She’s so fantastic.

Bolin is bad at hiding secrets. Though why didn’t Mako tell her? Okay, I get why. He was scared to and he didn’t think anyone would say anything. Still, he should’ve told her. It would’ve been the responsible thing to do. *sigh* Now I’m all sad because I really like Asami and I don’t want her to be hurt.  

Bolin really hasn’t gotten much development this season, has he? He’s been funny earthbender guy the entire time. Well, besides how quickly he got over his feelings for Korra…  

Oh no. :( Those poor metalbender cops lost their bending.

Dun Dun Dun! You’ve finally figured it out! Tarrlok is the perpetrator!

Lin being badass is always fun to watch. How many times am I going to say this in my review? Probably a lot.

SOKKA! *hugs*

Now we just need to see Zuko… And Suki. What happened to Suki?

Bloodbending is a known ability. And it’s illegal! This is really cool.

Is there a significance that it’s not done on the full moon? Like did Yakone just not bloodbend on the full moon because he didn’t want to raise suspicion about his abilities? Or does something prevent him from bloodbending on the full moon?

YES! Sokka’s boomerang and the fire guy and Sokka just being an awesome councilman! The council sure has gone down since then… Except Tenzin.

Yakone’s eyes are creepy. And no! Put Sokka down. Toph too. Damn, this guy is powerful. He’s just bloodbending the entire courtroom.

“Chief.” “Lin.” xD

Tenzin goes straight for the accusation. That was brilliant. I approve of this bluntness.  

And the steward! Why the hell did you wait this long to tell the truth? Okay, I get why. He was terrified and he’s not a brave guy. Poor little eunuch… At least I think he’s a eunuch, given his voice.

And now Tarrlok just knocked everyone out. I wonder why he didn’t kill them. Maybe it takes too long/too much work to kill a whole room of people.

Lol, Lin slapping Tenzin awake. She’s fabulous!  

I love Asami’s answer to Bolin’s “crazy dream”.  

Put Toph down! You do not get to bloodbend her like that! Grr…

Aang is badass with his giant air scooter. I hope we get to see him talk to Korra soon.  

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! AANG! I know he’ll be okay because he doesn’t die yet, but it’s still awful to watch. Bodies should not bend that way.

Hell yeah, epic Avatar state and then energybending! Aang, you are wonderful! And you can tell that he’s reluctant to go to such extreme measures. Still a gentle soul. I love Korra, but I still miss Aang.  

I knew it! I knew Tarrlok was Yakone’s son!

Woah, Amon! I didn’t see that.

 Tarrlok uses bloodbending. It is not effective. Amon uses energybending. It is super effective.

Good question, what is Amon? He’s something else. Could he be a spirit? Or perhaps getting powers from a spirit? Let the wild theories run!

Korra is quite smart to have come up with that.

Lol, all I could think on that slow-mo snow scene – Amorra! xD I bet a billion GIFs of this moment exist.

Oh no, Korra! *hugs her* Please, get up and don’t die in the snow.

And yay Naga is here! Everything will be okay. Best pet ever.

Mama Mako! He’s so concerned and it’s sweet but it’s horrible because what about Asami? Augh, I’m so confused and I don’t know whether I should be happy for the Makorra or upset because I like Asami and Mako’s being a douchebag right now… I get that he’s just really confused, but I don’t want this at all.

Overall, great episode!

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