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The Legend of Korra S1 E10 Review

And another review made up of the notes I took while watching the episode. For the finale episodes, I'll definitely write something more cohesive.

Korra’s so pretty with her hair down. And aww for Mako resting his hand on her but then I feel sad seeing how upset Asami looks. I’m very confused on my feelings about all this…  

Airbender babies are the best and Tenzin is the world’s greatest father.

“I fear Amon is entering his endgame.” I believe you’re right, Tenzin.

Mako’s such an idiot. He’s being protective and motherly over Korra and he’s completely blind to the fact that Asami is jealous. *sigh* I wish he would make up his mind. I can’t wait for him to make up his mind! Oh I hope Asami breaks up with him because I don’t want her to be hurt but she will be no matter what happens because she likes Mako and AUGH. This is such a mess! I hope Korra doesn’t immediately start dating Mako. I want her to reject him.

Pema; stepping out is smart. I would’ve done the same thing.

You should’ve told her, Mako. You should’ve told her.

Yes, Asami! Go!

Hee, I love Lin’s get-to-the-point attitude. I love pretty much everything about her.

Oh, the council woman is talking! That’s a first! WTF? They just electrocuted her. The Equalists are getting bold.

Tenzin air tornado of win!

Shut up, steward! Team Avatar will kick ass. Especially Lin. She’ll destroy all the Equalists.

Amon looks badass on his airship. He always does. I should do some art.  

Lol, Mako burning the parking tickets and Bolin’s gasp of alarm. I loved that.

Ouch, Asami. Relationships are prickly.

General of the United Forces? Interesting…

Tenzin is just awesome in this episode. But then he always is. Like Lin.

Mecha tanks! With magnets! That’s so cool! And it’s the perfect weapon against metalbenders.

Oh no, Tenzin! Noooooooooooooooooo! Don’t faint!!!!

Floor it, Asami! Come on, you can get to Tenzin and save him!

Epic fighting scene begins. Mako redirecting the lightning was cool. And Korra using waterbending in a fight! Epic pose, Korra. And then Asami electro-glove of doom. Woah, she’s really good.

Tenzin, nice timing on waking up.

Do you really think your daughter will join you? Really, Hiroshi? It’s not like the benders have brainwashed her.

Uh-oh, they’re going to Airbender Island. Don’t worry, Lin will kick major ass and keep everyone safe. I know she will.

Oh and right, there are Lotus guards. I bet they’re incompetent. What happened to the good old days when all the members of the White Lotus were badass?  

Indeed Meelo, not now baby! In fact, worst time imaginable for this to happen.

Lin looking badass with her hair blowing in the breeze. And then being badass with her metalbending Spiderman style followed by earthbending greatness. She’s definitely Toph’s daughter.


Hell yeah! Jinora is pretty awesome! As are Ikki and Meelo!

Yay cuddly airbender hug! Lin, you’re a wonderful person.

Wow, that was a fast birth. And aww, their new son. Aww, Tenzin’s father face. Everyone saw it “awwww”!

Such a happy moment in the midst of tragedy. Things have gotten so serious over the last few episodes.

Korra, be patient. Please. I think you will be.  

Those white Lotus guards are doomed.

Mustache guy! Gets owned by Naga! Ha, that was epic!

Lin! You are so epic and amazing and wonderful and AUGH! She’s so great! What a magnificent bender and awesomely compassionate person (even though you don’t always see that). Toph would be so proud of her.


Tenzin, turn back. Go and save Lin… Please….

“That lady is my hero”. Meelo, she’s my hero too. Please someone save her.

Mako is being flip-floppy and it’s annoying and a small part of me is happy and the rest is angry.




Zuko’s voice! Dante Basco!

*squees* General Iroh! He’s leading the United Forces. I wonder if he’s Zuko’s son… Although I heard Zuko had a daughter…. I suppose he could’ve had two kids. Or maybe Iroh’s his grandson.

But Lin! I don’t want her bending to be gone! The stakes are truly high… And the only way I’m going to be okay with this is if she gets her bending back or becomes a badass non-bender fighter with a gauntlet and everything like Asami.

I’m both sobbing (not literally because it takes a lot to make me cry) and squeezing because Lin and Iroh and so many feelings! 

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