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Here, There Be Dragons

snarling and soaring

3 December
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  • dralf_burns@livejournal.com
You can call me Natasha or Dralf. Natasha is my real name, Dralf is my age-old Internet nickname that a friend made combining dragon and elf.

~ 20, female, in my second year of college, bio major with emphasis on zoology (particularly interested in birds, herps, and marine bio) and a creative writing minor.
~ Ace of hearts, which means I'm asexual but I still experience romantic attraction.
~ I'm a big writer. I love fanfiction, but I also write a lot of original work and plan to publish a novel one day.
~ Huge Joss Whedon fangirl. Especially when it comes to the Buffyverse. Buffy is my favorite of all time (the show and the character).
~ I'm also a big Doctor Who fan. RTD Who is my favorite. I don't like Moffat. Slowly watching Classic Who. Ten is my Doctor although Nine is a very close second. Rose and Donna are my favorite companions.
~ I ship things. I tend to ship hard, but I also multi-ship and I don't approve of bashing of any sort. Doctor/Rose is my DW OTP and my current top OTP while Buffy/Angel is my BtVS OTP.
~ I take requests. However, whether or not I accept them, depends on the request.
~ While I love all mythical/supernatural creatures, I am most fond of dragons and vampires.
~ I love to make new friends though I'm rather shy at first.

You can find me on other sites:
Tumblr: http://dralf-burns.tumblr.com/ (main) // http://childrenwithtreebranchswords.tumblr.com/ (fic blog)
AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/users/ChildrenWithTreeBranchSwords
Deviantart: http://dragonelf213.deviantart.com/
Fanfiction: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1266143/Twilight_Phantom_Dragon
Gaia: dragonelf213